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How To Plan The Remodeling Of A Bathroom Or Kitchen?

Decide what you are going to change

First of all, be clear about what changes you want to make in your bathroom or kitchen, and the reason for doing them. Since sometimes, we can let ourselves be carried away by a whim and leave aside more essential and functional aspects.

Remember that the remodeling must add value to space both aesthetically and practically so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and even increase the surplus value of the house or apartment. We’re talking about blowing walls for a renovation!After landing your idea, establish how much you can spend, considering booking 20% of the total to have a mattress in case of unforeseen events. Well, as we know, it is always better to prevent than to regret.

Define a budget

To save money, think about the remodeling you can do yourself, without the need to hire a teacher.

Also, try to maintain an orderly record of all the expenses that you are making so as not to end up with red numbers in your finances.

Look for inspiration

This is one of the most entertaining parts of planning! Look for ideas and if you do not know where you enter here and you can find inspiration to modify your bathroom, and if you make changes in your kitchen, here you will find many alternatives. Select the ones that are feasible and within your budget.

Make a list of what you need

Then, so that you do not forget anything, make a list of all the implements and materials that you will need. If you can, ask a teacher to help you, to avoid missing things along the way. Also, you will know more accurately the exact budget required for remodeling.

If you are going to do the remodeling yourself, you cannot forget the tools, the most convenient is to rent them for days, so you will not need to buy them and use them only when you need them. Enter here: lease of tools and machinery and find everything you will need for your work.

Look for the best options

With the list in hand, search and compare prices in different places. Maybe it will take a little time, but that way you will optimize your budget better.

You must be flexible and know what to prioritize in case your funds are limited.…


Do Not Be Afraid To Hire Teachers

For everything to be perfect, the support of someone with experience is instrumental. Work with recommended experts who offer you a prudent time frame. In Sodimac we have a service of teachers that guarantee a good result and the support you need to feel calm.

 When transmitting your idea to the teachers, it is essential that you accurately detail your request and describe how you expect the remodeling completions to be. If you have photos and references, they could be useful to the teacher.

Track each stage of the process to obtain the result you expect in the fixed time. For this, you should not complicate, you should only have excellent communication with the teacher. Ask him about the steps of the project and how long it will take in each phase, do not have any doubts! Being present during the remodeling will also allow you to make sure that the right decisions are made.